Meet The Founder

The passion is where it started !


Brandy has always felt she was the Voice for the voiceless. With being in a family of 14, Ms. Jones sought out to be the best influential mentor possible. From being a full time mother of two children, Brandy at age of 36 desired to leave a legacy that her family and children would be most proud of. She is the Candidate that was most spoken about due to her performance and willingness to learn and maneuver through obstacles in order to get the job done. 

Ms Jones received her A.S degree in Criminal Justice and her B.S. degree in Criminal Justice at Argosy University, and is currently attending the University of Texas at Arlington pursuing her Masters in Public Administration. Leading to becoming a future Dr. or Ph.D. in the Clinical Field to continue making a difference which could serve so many communities. She is a member of True House of Refuge under the leadership of Pastor Keith and Lady Sudeane Huggins. Her mission has been finding solutions to the genuine needs of families, to build trust within service, and bridge the gap while making a positive impact.

In 2018, She ran for County Commissioner District 2 of Denton County. She was appointed to the Environmental Advisory Board where she served with pride, a Precinct Chair public servant for 4 terms in her district. Ms. Jones has spoken around the world and on many platforms within local and global ministries, performed as a Gospel artist, and an author of two novels.)  She has been a public speaker and mentor to high schools and numerous community outreach around the world. She is what we call a people person, has a heart for people, making a change and being of service to children with Intellectual Disabilities and many more .

She has founded a Non Profit Healing 4 Autism Outreach in 2014 which includes programs like the Healing 4 Autism Summer Camp, the development of the Healing 4 Autism Activity Center where she spends time advocating and counseling children to help families with children that have Autism. She also has volunteered with Dallas CASA for 2 terms. She has previously worked for Denton State Supported living Facility, helping individuals with Mental Disabilities and Intellectual Disabilities. Ms Jones spent a lot of her time at the Timberglen Library getting to know neighbors and helping children, also to add on January 14, 2019. Ms Jones was appointed Legal Redress Chair of the NAACP - Grand Prairie. In early November 2020, She launched Prestigious Health Services L.L.C. Because she believes in making a change in mental health and disability.

MOTTO; One is too small of a number to achieve greatness, But with Unity we can accomplish a multitude of greatness.